The 2021 Miami University Libraries Copyright Conference was be held online September 27-October 1. A description of conference sessions can be found below.

Brief Description
Monday, September 27
1:30pm-3pm ET
Becoming a Copyright Librarian
Emilie Algenio, Kenneth D. Crews, and Pia Hunter
In this session three panelists will share their stories about taking on responsibilities as copyright librarians.
Tuesday, September 28
11am-12:30pm ET
Rent NOT to Own: Copyright, Licensing, and the eBook Revolution
Kyle K. Courtney
Copyright, licensing, and eBooks are destroying core access, collection development, and preservation activities in libraires, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions.  Join this session for a discussion of these new laws that are harnessing state law to assert the library mission through “reasonable terms,” weaponizing the very tool that has been used against libraries for decades: licenses.
Tuesday, September 28
1:30pm-3pm ET
Offering Copyright Services
Anne Gilliland and Lisa A. Macklin
In this session we’ll explore how library staff can identify the copyright needs and concerns of their patrons and develop a service model to help effectively address them.
Wednesday, September 29
11am-12:30pm ET
Copyright Chat Live: Learning to be a copyright librarian through community conversations
Will Cross and Sara Benson
In this session we will introduce the Scholarly Communication Notebook, an open, community-based resource for copyright education. We will explore the opportunities for connecting open education and copyright literacy through one of the unique projects that is part of the SCN, the Copyright Chat Podcast. Join us to participate in an interactive workshop where you will learn more about podcasts as OER, collaborate to decide on a topic for a podcast episode about the SCN, and help to record a live episode of the Copyright Chat Podcast. Come ready to participate in a fun and interactive session!

Listen to the Podcast!

Wednesday, September 29
1:30pm-3pm ET
Answering Tough Questions: Consultations and Policy Development
Kenneth D. Crews and Jack Bernard
As copyright librarians, we are sometimes asked to be involved with challenging consultations, projects, or policy development. In this session, we’ll identify ways to help efficiently guide our libraries and library patrons through these situations and establish balance between the rights of content creators and those seeking to reuse works.
Thursday, September 30
1:30pm-3pm ET
U.S. Copyright Office Update
Chris Weston
Chris Weston, senior counsel in the Office of Policy and International Affairs of the U.S. Copyright Office, will provide an update on the U.S.C.O.’s work and initiatives.
Friday, October 1
1:30pm-3pm ET
The CASE Act and Libraries
Kenneth D. Crews
The CASE Act, passed in late 2020, has the potential to impact library users. Join us  to learn more about the development of the copyright small claims court and ways in which we can educate our users about it.