Session Descriptions, Wednesday, September 26cation

Introduction to Copyright: This session will provide an overview of the US copyright law.

Music Copyright Boot Camp: Building upon the first session, this session will take an in-depth look at the specific sections of US copyright law that deal with music.

I Bet You Have Questions!: This Q&A session will provide conference participants the opportunity to ask a panel of experts questions about music copyright law.

Music Copyright Law Court Cases & Legislative Development: This session will provide an overview of notable music copyright law court cases and recent legislative developments regarding music copyright law.

Music Copyright & Libraries-Trends and Issues: In this session, we’ll explore the specific ways in which music copyright law impacts libraries.

Session Descriptions, Thursday, September 27ca

Using Music on Campus – Licensing & Other Questions: Session Description: This session will explore the ways in which libraries and academic institutions use music on campus, including teaching, student recitals, entertainment, events, and more.

I Want to Get Paid! How do songwriters and musicians get paid for their creations?: Session Description: Learn about how songwriters and musicians can commercialize their creations and get paid for the works they create.

Legislation: 2018 has seen new legislation introduced to Congress that proposes revisions to music copyright law. In this session we will explore this legislation in-depth and the ways in which it may impact the services and resources we provide to members of our campus community.

Putting it All Together: An expert panel of presenters will provide tips and recommendations on how conference participants can use the information shared at the conference to help address music copyright issues at their institution.