Session Descriptions, Wednesday, September 25cation

Copyright Boot Camp: An introduction to US copyright law for those new to the topic.

How’d we get here? The Evolution of Copyright Law: In the past 30 years we’ve seen some signification copyright legislation passed by Congress. In this session, we’ll review the legislation that has most greatly impacted libraries and educational institutions, with a special emphasis on the recently passed Music Modernization Act and Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act.

Orders from the Courts?: In this conference session, we’ll explore the evaluation of US copyright law as interpreted by the courts, and how this impacts the work we do as librarians and educators.

Session Descriptions, Thursday, September 26ca

Breakout Session Descriptions will be posted in May.

Lunch & Learn: A buffet lunch accompanied by an informational session on US copyright law.

Copyright Policy Making and Interpretation: This session will explore the ways in which libraries and academic institutions use music on campus, including teaching, student recitals, entertainment, events, and more.

Copyright Advocacy: How do we help promote knowledge of US copyright law among our patrons and serve as advocates within our profession when changes to the law are being considered?